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Our National Inventor Club was invented for Inventors at all stages of their invention ideas and resources for inventors to connect, collaborate and network to help each other reach levels of success! Keep Moving Your Invention Ideas Forward… Together!

About National Inventor Club

Why should i join the National Inventor Club?

If you came up with an idea and you’re not sure what to do next, our members are at all stages of their idea development and many have been where you are, many have licensed their ideas and earning royalties, manufactured their products in USA and overseas and others have started business from their invention ideas. Being a part of a network, community of inventors is inspiring and a great way to make new friendships and find the resources you need to keep moving with your big idea.

What’s the difference between the basic and premium packages?

Please review the comparison chart HERE . The premium includes the directory listing  and free tshirt and costs an additional $29 for the year for a $129 yearly membership and $99 for the basic membership.

How can i suggest a speaker for an upcoming meeting?

We look for high profile, successful inventors and entrepreneurs as well as well established resources for inventors to be a featured speaker. We appreciate your suggestions and are very selective and will consider your recommendations, although we have final discretion to who we select. Please fill out our contact form to share your suggestion. Thank you.

How can I be a part of the service provide showcase?

As an active service provider member, there will be an announcement of an upcoming date of the showcase, and will be on first come first service basis and/or may require a fee to participate. You will have a predetermined time to share what services you provide and how you can help our inventors.

How can I get a NIC t-shirt?

You can get your National Inventor Club T-Shirt when you sign up for the 1st time as a premium member. Maybe you’ll receive other chachkas, promotional products as well in your time as a member!

What can i expect from my membership as an inventor?

You’ll have access to monthly meetings, live networking events, chats with members, participating in inventor showcases, promoting your invention, having access to the service provider members. Membership has its privelages!

What can I expect as a service provider?

If you are a business providing services for inventors, like protyping, or your a patent attorney, engineer, marketing expert, website developer, agent, etc., you will have access to the networking events, monthly inventor meetings, showcases, and a listing in the service providers listing where inventors can access your information. Your membership is a great way to make new friendships and connections and be found by Inventors that may need your help and services!

How can i be a part of the inventor showcase?

As an active member, t an announcement via meeting or email will be sent of when the showcase will be. We may be offering a spot by first come first serve and/or we may charge a small fee to our members. You will have a certain amount of time allocated to presenting your idea to our membership and receiving feedback. You will need to have at least a prototype to present as well as intellectual property filed. When you receive the notice, further details of expectations will be detailed.

How often do you have meetings and events?

We aim to have at least 10 meetings thoughout the year, 5 networking events, and other social activies. Our coming soon chat feature will allow our membership community to always stay connected as well as access to our membership directories for inventors and resources/service providers to inventors.

I missed a meeting/event, can I still see it?

Yes! please goto the library of past meetings to lookup which meeting you missed, play the video and enjoy the meetings/events you missed live. Hope you can make the next one!