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The National Inventor Club was founded for like minded inventors at all stages of their invention ideas and resources for inventors to connect, collaborate and network with each other to reach levels of success!

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Our National Inventor Club was invented for Inventors at all stages of their invention ideas and resources for inventors to connect, collaborate and network to help each other reach levels of success!

Brian Fried
Founder and President
National Inventor Club

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If you are an Inventor and have just an invention in your head or you’re patented or pending please join us as an Inventor Member.

You’ll have access to the Inventor community, participate activities, events throughout the year and a premium listing as an Inventor in our directory with the ability of adding your personal information along with your invention idea, prototype or product information to share with other members and you’ll be able to search through Inventor resources area to help you on your invention journey. Along with your yearly membership, you will also have access to discounts and special promotions offered to our Inventor members from time to time.


Intellectual Property Patent Attorneys or Patent Agents, prototypers, engineers,  lenders, graphic designers, consultants, agents or other relevant resources that Inventors can benefit from, once approved, you will have membership access to all the privileges and activities with our Inventors. For an additional charge, your and/or your company can be included in our directory for our Inventors to access your information within your listing to find the services they are searching for.

  • Step 1 – Click on the Sign up link and Join as an Inventor or as a Resource for Inventors Membership Link HERE
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