Since 2010, Rachel Cardis is one of the founders of WC Ideal Products. Rachel is an inventor who holds multiple U.S. patents and has extensive experience in product lifecycle development and provides a talented, passionate, and dedicated approach to achieve the full life cycle of product development.  Rachel has a high level of understanding of product development, manufacturing, and marketing analysis and has successfully brought to market patented commercial products.

Rachel invented the Tiny-Tote-Along Diaper Bag which is a Hands-Free Diaper Bag designed for parents on the go!  Tiny-Tote attached to car seats, shopping carts, suitcases and folds up and fits in Dad or Moms back pocket.  

The Loft Bag was invented for collegiate dorms to help students elevated in loft beds in the dormitories. The Loft Bag is a 7 pocket system to help secure beverages, cell phones, remotes, electronics and other personal items from falling off the loft.

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