During months of lockdown Sam embarked on developing a new invention, “The Layering Ladle.” With a background in hospitality, she knew there was an opening for a new bar tool to create layered drinks.

Creating a layered effect with liquors takes skill and precise technique. The Layering Ladle bar tool creates the layers for you. After months of development, adjusting the design, and filing for our patent, The Layering Ladle will be available this summer.

Samantha Jane St. Raymond has been inventing for five years and her first product to market is Yellow Dog Table ®  A relentless entrepreneur, who takes on risk, failures, and success each with an opportunity for growth. Samantha’s multi-faceted background consists of promotions, events, marketing and fundraising. Sam thrives on grassroots efforts and believes in thinking outside the box, taking chances, and showing gratitude in all things. It’s with that attitude, that led her to inventing and product development. “I love to identify a problem and create a solution, even when the idea doesn’t get past the idea stage, it’s still fun to challenge yourself and your mind.”

Sam is also the Founder and President of a St. Louis Missouri non-profit that provides musical instruments to under-funded music programs. Sam has a great passion for children and the betterment of their lives. She believes every child should have the opportunity to embrace their musical passions, find their voices and express themselves musically regardless of their ability to pay.


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