If you are like me, you probably have a ton of cherished photos stashed away in boxes, bags, albums and on your devices. Yet most of us also have had the same few photos on the same walls forever. So I set out to design a photo frame that would make the process so simple that it is actually fun for users to mount, display and change the position and composition of the photos on their walls.

Swap Frames® is a patented “Plug-and-Socket” System that consists of a simple front-loading photo frame that has an integrated “plug” on its back side. The mateable socket is a small cube that mounts to your wall securely and level using an adhesive strip or screw to hold it firmly in place. Photos can be displayed on any of 12 angles including landscape and portrait. The frames and the photos inside of them can be swapped out in a matter of seconds.

Swap Frames®… Your life on display… the easy way! John Fitzpatrick, CEO and Inventor

Company Website: www.swapframes.com

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