Having been in the low-voltage industry for over twenty years, I’ve pulled countless of miles of different types of wires. The frustrations of having to use an extraordinary amount of electrical tape to secure wire to glow rods and fish tapes just wasn’t cutting it. It’s messy, expensive and time-consuming. If you’ve done this before, then you know the amount of wire that is wasted on every pull from cutting the wire instead of un-taping it. Who’s got time for that? You would also know that the most efficient way in the world to get four-letter words to come out of your mouth is when you’re lying face down in insulation, in a 130-degree attic, and the wire slides out of the melted tape while you’re pulling it. ARRGGGGG!!!!

This is why I invented GripT.

Get a GripT on your installs, and help your techs stay “G-Rated”!

Kevin Brown
Inventor of GripT
Birmingham, Alabama

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