Inventor’s Glossary 3-D Printer A printer that makes a solid model of your design using a CAD (Computer Aided Design) drawing. Abandonment When an applicant does not reply to an action by the USPTO within the required time limit and the application is considered withdrawn. Abstract of the Disclosure A brief statement explaining what is new in the industry of your invention. Acceptable Identification of Goods and Services Manual A manual showing examples of identifications of goods and services that the USPTO will accept for trademark registration. Add-On A product or service that you add to the original product to expand its capabilities. Adjusted Gross Revenue The amount of revenue that remains after deducting damages, returns, spoilage and other costs from the profit. Advance Payment ahead of time, such as a payment in anticipation of royalties. Advanced Shipping Notice This document tells the customer the details of the order, including the number of boxes, the packaging, the weight and shipping information. After Market Additional parts not included on the original. AIA The 2011 America Invents Act that modernizes the US patent system to strengthen America’s competitiveness in the global economy. Allegation of Use A sworn statement by the applicant attesting to the use of the mark in commerce including an example of the use of the mark for each class of goods or services in the application. Annuity Fee Also known as the renewal or maintenance fee, the annuity fee is paid to maintain your patent application. Arbitrary Marks These are words that are commonly used to identify particular goods and services, and do not describe an ingredient, quality or characteristic. Examples: Old Crow for whiskey, Apple for computers. As Built Drawings The set of drawings including exact dimensions of the product documenting all changes in the construction phase.

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