C&A Certification and Accreditation. CAD Computer Aided Designs depict your product with specific dimensions so it can be machined and tested. CAD aids in the production of the product. Canadian Standards Association A testing laboratory recognized by OSHA. Upon successful completion, the product can display the CSA logo to indicate certification. Certificate of Registration The official document from the USPTO that provides evidence that a trademark has been registered. Certification Mark A word, name or symbol used by someone other than its owner to certify region, material, mode of manufacture, quality, accuracy, or other characteristics. CIF Cost, Insurance and Freight or CIF is a term used for ocean shipments. Typically the seller has the responsibility for the cost of goods in transit, and at the point of delivery the buyer assumes responsibility. The CIF details the price for goods including insurance and transportation. Claim The extent of the protection sought in your patent application or the extent of the protection conferred by a patent. Clam Shell Packaging A clear product container with two sides that join together to form an enclosure. Classification of Goods and Services Goods and services are classified by an international system and trademark applications are classified by the USPTO according to this system. Clearance Search This is a search for trademarks that may keep your mark from being registered before you file your application. COG The Cost of Goods or the total cost to produce the product, including material and labor. Cold Call You make a cold call when you contact a company to pitch your product when you don’t know anyone in the company. Collective Mark A trademark used by members of a group or association indicating membership. Combination Patent A patent granted for an invention that unites existing components in a new way. Commission of Europe (CE) Certification that a product meets European Union safety, health and environmental standards. Common Inventor An inventor whose name is listed on multiple patent applications, making the inventions at least partially the work of the same person. Computer Aided Design (CAD) Computer Aided Designs (CAD) depict your product with specific dimensions so it can be machined and tested. CAD aids in the production of the product. Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) CNC refers to automated controls that guide machines using software including CAD and CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing). Concept An idea or design. Consumable Products that are replaced regularly such as food and fuel. Container Load FCL or a Full Container Load is a standard 20 or 40 foot length shipping container that has lower freight rates than “loose” cargo. Less than Container Load or LCL describes cargo that is insufficient in quantity or weight to qualify for lower freight rates applied to standard shipping containers. Copycat A copycat product or knockoff is similar to the original and may be in violation of the original patent (patent infringement). Copyright A copyright protects an author’s writings, music or works of art. Cost of Goods COG is the total cost to produce the product including labor and material. Creator An individual who produces or initiates. Customs Customs are duties imposed on imported goods, and less often on exported goods. Cutting Edge The most advanced and modern stage. Declaration In the oath of declaration for the USPTO you affirm that you are the original and only inventor, state your country of citizenship, declare that you understand the specifications the declaration refers to and promise to disclose information as to patentability. Declaration of Non-Infringement A court document stating that your actions don’t infringe on a specific patent. You can obtain a Declaration of Non-Infringement before a patent owner files a lawsuit against you for patent infringement. Deliverables Something you promise in your contract with the customer. Demand Letter A Demand or Threat Letter is sent to a company threatening a lawsuit for patent infringement and seeking royalties. Descriptive Mark If a mark is merely descriptive it will be refused registration. Examples: Denim for jeans; Spicy Sauce for salsa. Design A graphic representation that shows the function of something or how it is to be made. Design Patent A design patent may be granted to an individual who invents an original design for a manufactured article. Design Search Code Manual The Design Search Code Manual lists the numerical codes for searching designs in the USPTO’s trademark database (TESS). Develop To add details to a basic plan or idea. Die Cast The process of forcing molten metal or plastic in to a mold to produce an object. Direct Response A marketing strategy such as a TV commercial or a direct mail postcard to sell a product directly to consumers. Discovery The process of finding something after searching. Discrete Manufacturing Accounting for a product with serial numbers instead of volume or weight. Display Cost The cost to display an individual item. Example: The display cost is 1/50 of the cost of the entire display if the display holds 50 items. Distribution Delivery to numerous people. Distribution Center The Distribution Center or Branch Warehouse is the location for receiving, storing and distributing goods. Divisional Patent Application The Divisional Application refers to an issue in an application that was filed previously. Double Patenting Two patents on one invention. Drop Shipping When you send the product directly to a retailer from the manufacturer. Due Diligence A company interested in licensing your product will perform research or due diligence before making an offer. The research may include the market share of the product, the ROI (Return on Investment), profit margin and the manufacturing process. Durable Goods Products that last a long time without damage like furniture and electronics.

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